WhatsApp arrives in cars with Apple CarPlay

The popular WhatsApp messenger can now be used in the multimedia system of cars. During the trip, the driver can send WhatsApp messages by simply saying the text out loud.

Driving the convenience of WhatsApp communication is available to owners of cars that support Apple CarPlay. While the functionality of the application is very limited – there is no access to the list of conversations, no voice and video calls, or the ability to reply to old messages. When you click on the icon, you can only send a message by dictating it aloud.

Johor, Malaysia – Jan 1, 2016: Smartphone with 3d Whatsapp icon. Whatsapp is famous instant messaging application for smartphones, Jan 1, 2016 in Johor, Malaysia.

CarPlay is a modern and safe way to use your iPhone in your car, supported by more and more car manufacturers. CarPlay brings all the iPhone functions the driver needs to the car’s display. Get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music – all this can be done without being distracted from the road. The driver simply needs to connect the iPhone to the car.

CarPlay is not a software platform that runs iOS and its applications in a car. It is a communications solution that broadcasts the familiar iOS interface to the vehicle’s built-in infotainment system. CarPlay allows you to control certain apps and your mobile device using your car’s voice and multimedia display.

CarPlay technology is designed specifically for drivers and supports Siri voice control, which can send, read aloud and reply to text messages – without even looking at the iPhone while driving. It is enough to say: “Siri, tell Andrey: I’ll be there in 20 minutes,” and you’re done. In addition, CarPlay can play voice messages through the car’s speakers.

Navigation is very important when traveling, because functional and simple Apple Maps can be displayed on the car dashboard. CarPlay will use addresses from the user’s email, messages, calendar, and contacts. On the way, you can search for nearby gas stations, restaurants, cafes and more. Or you can just ask: “Siri, where is the nearest supermarket?”

With Carplay, you can listen to all iTunes content and Apple Music subscription music. Enjoy many audio applications using the car’s built-in controls. You can even ask Siri to play your favorite song or work as your personal DJ.

CarPlay is not only convenient but also safe while driving. The system was invented for the efficient and safe use of the smartphone while driving.

All major automakers already offer CarPlay-enabled models or plan to introduce them. A detailed list can be found on the official Apple website.

CarPlay technology is compatible with the following iPhone models:

iPhone X,
iPhone 8,
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7,
iPhone 7 Plus,
iPhone 6s,
iPhone 6s Plus,
iPhone 6,
iPhone 6 Plus,
iPhone SE,
iPhone 5s,
iPhone 5c,
iPhone 5.