WhatsApp decided to sue unscrupulous users

Messenger WhatsApp on the official website announced its readiness to sue users for violation of the rules of use. The new measures have already been published in a special section on security on the messenger’s website.

Representatives of WhatsApp announced the readiness of the messenger to fight violators of the terms of provision of its services using courts. The developers of the free messenger in this way hope to strengthen the private nature of the platform and protect users from abuse.

The message indicates that the list of violations includes automated or mass mailing of messages. It is also prohibited to use the program for non-personal purposes. At the same time, WhatsApp stressed that it plans to collect evidence of illegal activity not only on its own platform for which technical means of combating violations will be used.

We will formally take action against anyone engaging in or assisting others in abuses that violate WhatsApp’s Terms of Service starting December 7, 2019.

The developers claim that they have information about some organizations trying to circumvent the bans and evade systems that track violations. According to WhatsApp experts, there is information about a million accounts that abuse the functions of the messenger.

“Dealing with offenders is a complex task that requires a holistic approach. Therefore, to prevent abuse, WhatsApp strives to use every facility at its disposal, including legal action. That is why, in addition to technical enforcement, we are also filing lawsuits against individuals or companies, ”the company said in a statement.

In addition, legal measures will be applied against those who, in the opinion of the company’s employees, are involved in or assist others in abuses that violate the terms of service of the messenger. To do this, WhatsApp plans to use public statements by representatives of organizations.