WhatsApp will add “stories” from Instagram

One of the most popular messengers, WhatsApp, has started integrating “stories” from the Instagram social network. Facebook is actively working on moving stories from one of its applications to another – this should increase the popularity of the content of the corporation’s projects.

The integration of Instagram stories into WhatsApp is under testing, but already now some users can post their social media posts directly in the messenger as WhatsApp Status. Messages are available for publication in the form of photos, videos and GIF files. At the same time, publications will be encrypted, like all messages in WhatsApp, and disappear after 24 hours.

It is noted that users will not notice any special external differences between the “stories” from Instagram and the existing statuses in WhatsApp, while the publications will be “promoted” simultaneously in two applications.

Screenshots of the tested function have already appeared on the web. The only difference between Instagram and WhatsApp stories will be the icon at the bottom. If the “story” is created in the messenger, then in the lower left corner there will be a “plus”, and if in the social network – the Instagram logo will be placed in the lower right.

Instagram is actively promoting stories – in October 2017, Facebook expanded the use of Instagram Stories with the introduction of a Snapchat-like feature that lets you link photos and videos together in a slideshow. Prior to this, Instagram “stories” became available for viewing on the Facebook social network, and recently they became available not only from the application, but also from the Internet browser.

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​combining stories from the social network Instagram with WhatsApp belongs to one of the users of the social network, who made a similar proposal to the Instagram administrators – the initiative interested the company.

There are several reasons why Facebook is interested in integrating Instagram Stories with other services.

First, adding the ability to share “stories” in messenger will drive traffic to Instagram, especially in countries where WhatsApp is already hugely popular and outstripping other Facebook apps.
Secondly, “stories” will be able to stimulate wider use of the Status service in WhatsApp, which has not been able to gain sufficient popularity in a year.
Third, launching “stories” on WhatsApp will help extend the time spent in apps, as well as a way to send people from one Facebook-owned app to another, encouraging use even when apps are “not open.”
Together, these can help Facebook increase its overall engagement and traffic, as well as a way to destabilize its closest competitor Snapchat and any other app.

However, the “cross” placement of the same functionality can become a disadvantage – inevitably there will be users who will be bored of the same thing in different applications, which will lead to irritation and rejection of the functionality. But as Facebook says, developers are already working on a way to sort stories so that if a user already sees content in one app, the same won’t reappear in others.