White ways to promote on Instagram

Use #hashtags and geotags and also tango premium videos
Hashtags and geotags are a simple, and most importantly, free way to promote on instagram.

What you need to do:

Publish 10-15 thematic hashtags for each photo (either at the end of the post or as a separate comment) and mark the geolocation;
Use services to search for relevant hashtags;
Develop a profile navigation system using hashtags;


Use hashtags and geotags in stories.
What not to do:

Duplicate a list of hashtags from one publication to another;
Use irrelevant hashtags;
Use high-frequency hashtags that are too generic;
Get likes in an attempt to get into the TOP by hashtags and geolocation.
IMPORTANT: as part of one of the updates, it became possible to subscribe to hashtags. How can it be used for business?

Start cool headings and invite subscribers to subscribe to them;
Use popular hashtags in your industry to get new, engaged followers.
Cost: free.

Run contests and flashbooms
Subscribe to the profile, like it, tag two friends in the comments and get a chance to win a set of cards or an iPhone X.

Did you fall for this bait? So it works.

What good gives?

A sharp increase in subscribers;
Temporary increase in activity.
What’s bad?

Most of the subscribers are not targeted, and if they stay with you after the end of the contest, they are unlikely to be particularly active.

Cost: from conditional 500 rubles to infinity, depending on the value of the prize and how the competition is announced.

Be active
You go to the profile of some super-duper-cool expert and smash his theory to smithereens in the comments. In an adult way, with justifications, reasonable arguments and references to thick books.

The expectation is that thousands of readers and fans of this expert will go to your profile to find out who is so smart here.

You can also make point-to-point friendships, like potential subscribers, leave nice comments for them, but the effect of this is visible only if this method is actively abused.

Cost: free.

Mutual PR
Even 180 years before the advent of Instagram, Krylov accurately described the whole essence of mutual PR:

“Why, without fear of sin, does the Cuckoo praise the Rooster? For the fact that he praises the Cuckoo.

What is the point: look for someone with whom you have similar audiences, the number of subscribers, and who is not your main competitor, and write to him in a personal: “Let’s be friends.” If everything goes well, in one of the publications you publicly announce: “I am now friends with Vasya, he is cool.” Vasya does the same, in the end everything is in the black. This method is well suited for small businesses with small budgets.

What is good: free, effective

What’s bad: a lot of time is spent searching for Vasya and corresponding with them.

Cost: free.

Targeted advertising
Mini checklist for the perfect result:

Time to test different options.
By trial and error on small budgets, find the audience that is optimal for you and the best content for it, and then increase the financial flow.

What’s great: while targeted advertising on Instagram is cheaper than a similar campaign on Facebook, at the same time, algorithms allow you to automatically select an audience interested in your product.

Cost: in order to evaluate the results and effectiveness, it will take from 1,000 to 10,000 rubles.

Targeted advertising
If the residents of the house number 5 on Lenina Street are important to you, we will bring the offer specifically to them
Information aimed at the right audience ceases to be advertising and becomes a useful hint
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Buying promotional posts on other accounts

There are many entertainment platforms on Instagram: these can be both city profiles and aggregator profiles in various topics. The advantage of buying advertising publications in such accounts is in low cost; however, the effectiveness of such posts is significantly lower than when posted by bloggers.

Cost: from 200 rubles.

Posting to influencers
Along with targeting, it is one of the most effective paid promotion methods. Find a profile with an audience close to you, agree on posting and watch the growth of subscribers.

Tip: sometimes it is more efficient to work with small profiles, with the number of subscribers from 5 to 10 thousand. Firstly, it is easier to negotiate barter advertising with them, and secondly, the activity, involvement and trust in a blogger in such profiles is often higher than in million-plus accounts.

Cost: from shareware (when working on barter) to hundreds of thousands for being mentioned by the stars.